Accelerate Uptown. We help business grow!

Accelerate Uptown’s Mission is to foster economic equity with a focus on women and minority owned businesses,  through entrepreneurship,  advancing careers in technology and supporting the transition of our reentry community from prison to life.   We further work with community partners to support the  health and well being our members through support groups, yoga, health and fitness programs.

Client Served - Breakdown by Ethnicity
African American

First 24 Months!

We are just getting started!

500 People attended workshops

300 Business served with 1 on 1 Coaching

38 Workshops in person and virtual

300 Business served with 1 on 1 Coaching

30 Business Connected to Funding

30 Businesses Supported with Funding

70 Social Media Flyers Created for Businesses

300 Business served with 1 on 1 Coaching

24 Video Commercials Created for Black Businesses totaling 150,000 views

Over 200000 video views on small business outreach marketing campaigns

200 Black Businesses aggregatiated

Accelerate Uptown has supported over 300 Entrepreneurs through workshops and one on coaching


Workshops Held in 2021 

Name of Workshop No. of Attendees
$10,000 LA County Covid Relief Grant 28
Get-Business-Ready-Attendees 9
Commercial Rental Assistance 54
Total Participants 19

Workshops Held in 2020

Name of WorkshopNo. of Attendees
How to Launch an Ecommerce Website18
How to Start a 501C328
Launch and Drive Traffic to Your25
Launch your Website for Free18
LBC Digital Inclusion23
Surviving Covid39
Start an ECommerce Drop-Shipping Business20
Tap Into $7,000 in City Business14
A Conversation with Founder6
Apply For City of Long Beach57
Financing Options for Your Business16
How to Become a Vendor23
Total Number of Workshop Participants in 2019287

Workshops Held in 2019 

Name of WorkshopNo. of Attendees
How to Start a Business and Obtain Licenses28
Join Us9
Wine & 1 Page Business Plan54
Coffee & Crowdfunding19
Do you want to Open a Business?1
How to build your Business with Facebook Marketing39
How to access over 1 Billion25
How to get Media Outlets18
Total Number of Workshop Participants in 2019193


Accelerate Uptown Workshops

200 Black Owned Businesses. Connect your business and build your brand.”