This grant focused on connecting the community with mental health, local resources, and bringing awareness to the community of Covid 19 testing sites, vaccine information and precautions. Ronnie’s House was able to serve 72 different groups with a resource booklet that contained over 200 local resources (i.e. Housing, Transportation, Senior Citizen Support, Disabilities, etc.), distribute over 56,000 units of personal protective equipment to vulnerable populations, and created several online campaigns to continue bringing awareness of the importance of mental health during the height of the pandemic . 

Number of Groups Served Under The Mental Health Grant
Barber Shops/Beauty Salons
Other Business
Non Profits
Community Advocates & Groups
Barber Shops/ Beauty Salons Other Business Non Profit Community Advocates & Groups Motel Total
Resource Booklets
PPE Unit

Health Grant

LB UNITED was originally launched by Ronnie’s House in April of 2020 to support Long Beach residents through Covid-19. The website brings together resources from non profits, businesses, local, state and federal government to connect residents to what they need to navigate Covid-19 and the recovery process. The site did not originally have any funding, and was built by 729 Agency LLC, a social enterprise that creates technology for Good to advance equity. 
The CARES Grant Funding enabled Ronnie’s House to redesign the website, add more resources, and create a marketing and outreach campaign to deliver resources through social media and in print. The website is not a resource the community continues to use and we continue to evolve.    

Social Media & Email Outreach

Socail Media
Over 80,000 Reach
25,000 Video Views

Mental Health Resources

Food Resources

Domestic Violence Resources

Older Adults Resources

Social Media Flyers

over 5000 Reach and 100 likes

  • Masks Donate
  • Senior Outreach
  • PPE To Beauty Shops
  • Resource Hotline

40,000 Kids Masks Donate Villa park

Villa Park is 80% Latino with large families in low-income area.

The need in the community for resources is high. We are working with management after the grant closes, to set up a food pantry on site to support the community, that will integrate various resource to support the community.

Collaboration with Houghton Park Senior Program to support Low Income Seniors

  • 40 low-income seniors
  • $50 grocery card
  • Girl scout cookies
  • Face shields
  • Facemasks
  • Resource booklets.

PPE To Beauty Shops and Resource Guide Distribution

  • 43 Barbershops and Hair Salons received a box of PPE that included:
  • 20 N 95 Mask
  • 20 Face Shields
  • 150 Kids Masks
  • Thermomotor
  • 30 Resource Booklets

Article LB Post


Resource Hotline

Resource Hotline received inquires about PPE  and Food  Resources. We received a few calls around mental Health Support. We believe that if invested in and maintained the line has the ability to connect many individuals.

  • Resource Hotline continuing after grant completion but will not run 24 hours and will operate more on text and will take messages that resource officers will return.  We encourage more funding for this type of resources.
  • The resource hotline is published in 7000 Uptown Resource Guides and throughout social media campaign.
  • 30 PPE Text and Calls
  • 12 Food Resource Text and Calls
  • 3 Business Grant
  • 2 Trauma Center Referrals
  • 3 Black Health Equity Referrals


Digital inequity is keeping many communities from accessing resources and COVID-19, shed a light on the need to ensure we mobilize resources through different avenues to reach our community.
Ronnie’s House created a 16 page resource guide, to connect community members to resources in their community to support them, their family and their business.    
A total of 7000 Guides have been distributed in the City of Long Beach, directly and through our partners. 
The Resource Guide is now in high demand and a second edition is being printed. 

7000 Copies Printed and Distributed 

  • Barbershops
  • Direct to Homes
  • Small Businesses
  • Non-Profits 
  • Food Banks


Animation Videos Reached over 12,000 Views. The video to the right, which is the 3 W’s Campaign , is continuing to run after the campaign and is being used by other organizations that have been granted a Black Health Equity Grant.

LB United Show was turned into a 15 Minute show that interviews nonprofits and resources listed on, to humanize the people on the ground helping communities get through COVID. The show will continue after the grant period.   The combined shows have received over 10,000 views to date.

1st Show – The show features David Leonard from New Hope Grieve Community. 

David Leonard discusses grief that we are facing as a community and individuals and offers tips for coping.

2nd Show – Audrey King from St. Mary’s Hospital to talk about what she is seeing on the front lines.

Non-Profit collaboration and PPE Distribution

Over 20,000 Kids Masks and face shields distributed to Non-Profits and Businesses.

Non-Profits and Businesses shared our social media videos or flyers on their social media.